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Greetings friends,

It is with great honor that I welcome you to the Ohio Realtist Association. Comprised of seven Boards (Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown), we are the State Association representing NAREB the National Association of Real Estate Brokers.  NAREB has been the arbiter for 72 years in the fight for Democracy in Housing in this country.

The battle is still raging. For Black people, homeownership is the greatest asset for accumulating wealth for their families. However, there has been a great decline of Black homeownership down to 40.6 % in the second quarter of 2019—a full percentage point lower than 2018’s second-quarter rate of 41.6%. The homeownership rate for Blacks is currently below the 1968 level of 40.9% at the time of the passage of the Fair Housing Act. Homeownership for non-Hispanic Whites stands at 73.1%, down from its high of 76% in 2004. These facts are referenced in our NAREB  2019 State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA)Report.

The Ohio Realtist Association understands the value of homeownership and we have a mandate to change this decline. Our mission is to educate, empower and mobilize the Black community to identify the systemic elements that are used to justify declinations in mortgage applications.

Employment and earnings are paramount in the equation of homeownership. Social constraints that continuously deny Black Americans equal pay for equal work as the median price for homeownership rises, forces Black homeownership to continue to decline.  We must insist that elected officials and policy makers on the local, state and federal levels, look at this data and work with us to change the status quo.

Support our local Boards as they offer opportunities through our initiatives that include our Wealth Building Day, House Then the Car event (directed towards Millennials), 2Mn5 (Two Million New Black Homeowners in Five Years), Realtist Week activities in April, Faith-Based initiatives and other local and national events. Membership in our organization is not limited to Real Estate professionals but to anyone who believes in our mission of Democracy in Housing.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reminds us “there comes a time when silence is betrayal!” We will not be silent. We have an obligation to educate, empower and mobilize to create change in the communities we serve.


Veronica Bedell-Nevels

President ORA

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